Calderbrun Sites: Who … What .. Why?

Purpose of the Calderbrun Sites

We know that people are very busy these days, and when they’re looking to buy something if someone can have done an initial trawl through the product lists it gives them a head start.

You might quite rightly ask, “So you do the research, do you? What does that consist of?” Here is our process outline.

  • Search the catalog for a range of similar products.
  • Identify those with the best overall set of customer reviews.
  • Exclude products with a very small number of reviews, usually we look for at least 50 reviews.
  • Do not include products which are so new that there is no meaningful performance assessment.
  • Do not rely on numerical statistics alone but actually read a substantial sample of customer reviews.
  • Select three products and prepare a concise page for each plus a general introduction.

On each product page we then provide

  • Concise product data – principal features;
  • Product photograph (sometimes more than one);
  • A brief narrative description;
  • A small selection of review extracts (not ‘sanitised’ to remove negative comments;
  • Links to the relevant page on where you can find further details and latest prices.

Calderbrun pages are designed to help. We hope you will agree that they do.

Commercial Transparency, Privacy, etc.

All sites on the domain are participants in the Amazon Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to On some sites additional advertisements may be presented by the Google Adsense programme. is owned by David J Murray. Our privacy policies and other commercial disclosures are to be found here.

Calderbrun? What sort of name is that?

The name “Calderbrun” is derived from two rivers in the north west of England, the Calder and the Brun. David Murray, owner of both and, spent much of his early life close to these two rivers. The Calder was visible across the fields from his home, while the Brun ran alongside his school. In 2007, when setting up an online business (different from what is now being built on the domain) he merged the two river names. From 2013 the domains become the digital locations for a portfolio of product review and related sites.

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