Three 19-inch Cordless Electric Mowers

“Why only three mowers?”

That’s a very valid question. There are, after all, many more models available on the market.
The answer is that …

We’ve done the research for you.

We’ve trawled through specifications and customer feedback just as though we were buying one for ourselves this week. Three models stand out, and they’re shown in order of preference in the side column. Each of the models listed here has more than fifty reviews from customers, with at least a 4-out-of-5 rating

We’ve put further details on the pages for the three models, including extracts from reviews, but of course, you may want to check that we’ve got it right; after all, these things don’t come cheap. You can click on any of these, go to the site and search through the lists for yourself, but we believe that you’ll come up with pretty well the same conclusions. Oh, by the way, you’ll see that we’ve not purged out the negative comments. Even the best products get some complaints.

Why a Cordless Electric Mower?

How about convenience? Just think of the hassle fuelling up a gas-powered mower, not to mention maintaining the engine. And does anyone really enjoy tripping over trailing power cables or decapitating their best blooms when a wire tangles itself in the flower border?

Then again, there’s the environmental cleanliness of simply being able to plug in for a recharge.

Our Selection: 19-inch Cordless Electric Mowers

To see more on each of our selection click here on the relevant link, or on the graphic in the right-hand column.

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