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Thinking of Coming to Britain?

If you’re thinking of coming to Britain and have never been before you’ll want some reliable information ahead of time. Similarly if you’re planning on seeing some places that you didn’t reach when here before. Here on this site we try to help but we clearly can’t cover everything to the same degree of detail as a good travel guide. Here are two.

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This site is not launched yet, so this page is nowhere near complete. However, what is here is good.


A History of Ancient Britain

Who were the first Britons? Famed archaeologist Neil Oliver answers that question and more, excavating the past to weave an epic story of half-a-million years, from the mists of prehistory to the departure of the Roman Empire in the fifth century AD. As gripping as any novel, filled with fascinating facts and charismatic figures, this is popular history at its finest–a fitting monument to a land that has been home to an extraordinarily diverse range of cultures and peoples.

Price: $29.95


Austerity Britain, 1945-1951

A majestic people’s history of England in the years immediately following the end of World War II, and a surprise bestseller in the UK.

As much as any country, England bore the brunt of Germany’s aggression in World War II , and was ravaged in many ways at the war’s end. Celebrated historian David Kynaston has written an utterly original, compellingly readable account of the following six years, during which the country indomitably rebuilt itself.
Kynaston’s great genius is to chronicle England’s experience from bottom to top: coursing through the book, therefore, is an astonishing variety of ordinary, contemporary voices, eloquently and passionately displaying the country’s remarkable spirit even as they were unaware of what the future would hold. Together they present a fascinating portrait of the English people at a climactic point in history, and Kynaston skillfully links their stories to the bigger, headline-making events of the time. Their stories also jostle alongside those of more well-known figures like celebrated journalist-to-be Jon Arlott (making his first radio broadcast), actress Glenda Jackson, and writer Doris Lessing, newly arrived from Africa and struck by the leveling poverty of postwar Britain. Austerity Britain gives new meaning to the hardship and heroism experienced by England in the face of Germany’s assaults.

Price: $45.00


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